ObjectiveAdvice.com is a team of personal financial advisors who share a simple, professional philosophy:

TRUST | At ObjectiveAdvice.com, we're dedicated to shaping your financial future – with the utmost integrity, professionalism, and discretion. Whether you're saving for college or retirement – our solutions will bring you confidence and peace of mind. Trust is the bedrock of all our client relationships.

COMPETENCE | With our combined years of technical expertise, investment experience, and ongoing training, we offer realistic financial solutions for all areas, such as investment, tax, estate, retirement and insurance planning.

OBJECTIVITY | Every client's circumstances are unique – and that's why our planners listen very, very carefully to you. Our recommendations will be tailored to the facts of your particular situation. In order to avoid conflicts of interest in product sales, we refuse any commissions or other compensation from client transactions based on our recommendations.

ObjectiveAdvice.com was founded by Gary Schatsky to bring personalized, fee-only financial planning to a nationwide audience.


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